Episode 61

The Maths Behind Movie Magic

Ever watch a movie and wondered how they pulled off some incredible special effect?

Our guest this week on The Random Sample is Luke Emrose, Technical Lead for Rendering at Animal Logic, a company that’s been involved in some very big movies in recent years. It’s his job to help make amazing things come alive on the big screen.

To make that movie magic happen, though, he needs tools from the mathematical sciences. In this episode, Luke describes how maths and stats is critical to filmmaking.

Luke also hopes that this discussion may inspire students to study mathematics, statistics, physics, and computer science, and to convince some students in those subject areas to consider a career in computer graphics or film.

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Luke Emrose is the Technical Lead for Rendering at Animal Logic. He is a member of the team that develops the proprietary in-house Animal Logic 3D renderer Glimpse: https://www.fxguide.com/fxfeatured/a-glimpse-at-animal-logic/

Luke’s advice for others considering a career like his, and he also talks about a chance meeting:



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