Episode 57

Predicting What the Clouds are Covering Up

Thousands of species around the world are under attack from a common enemy. That threat is ‘land clearing’ to make way for agricultural or urban development.

Tracking land clearing is a daunting problem, especially in remote areas that are hard to get to. To get around that, researchers are now turning to free satellite imagery to try to see what’s going on in certain areas.

But there’s one big obstacle to this: clouds. It’s estimated that at any given time, two-thirds of the world is covered by clouds.

Just-published research from an ACEMS team uses new statistical modelling to get around this problem by predicting what the clouds are covering up.

In this episode, we talk to two members of the team: Dr Jacinta Holloway-Brown and Dr Kate Helmstedt from ACEMS at QUT. Our host is Dr Susanna Cramb, also from ACEMS at QUT.

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