Episode 82

On the Road at the ISI World Statistics Congress

This is a special edition of The Random Sample! We’re on the road at the World Statistics Congress taking place from 15-20 July in Ottawa, Canada.

The Congress is put on by International Statistical Institute (ISI) and is the largest congress worldwide for statisticians and data scientists.

In this podcast, we hear from:

  • Stephen Penneck, ISI President
  • Kerrie Mengersen, ISI Vice President
  • Anil Arora, Chief Statistician for Statistics Canada
  • Eric Rancourt, Asst. Chief Statistician and Chief Data Officer for Statistics Canada
  • John Bailer, former ISI President and host of the “Stats & Stories” podcast

Our host for this episode is Tim Macuga, Senior Project Officer for the QUT Centre for Data Science and the Australian Data Science Network.

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