Episode 42

Bubbles, Maths & a World Record

It’s something we can all picture or have memories of – creating and blowing soap bubbles!

But when it comes to soap bubbles, few people can create them like Graeme Denton, aka Marty McBubble.

Graeme just set a world record for the tallest free-standing soap bubble. It reached up 10.75 metres, or more than 35 feet, from the ground high into the air!

How do we know?

That’s where ACEMS Chief Investigator Professor Matt Roughan comes in. Matt did the maths that verified Graeme’s record-breaking bubble attempt.

In this episode, Graeme and Matt talk about the world-record-breaking soap bubble, what needed to be done to mathematically verify it, and what we can learn from bubbles in maths and science.

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